Lake Trout Photos 

All fish caught or Guided by Ryan

Click on photos to enlarge

all photos COPYRIGHT2010 by Ryan VanLanen

A nice two fish morning for Ryan. Too bad you did not book a trip that day!

Robbie Richardson on a cold April day!

another multi fish day!

NFL lineman Tony Cesario lands one

Stephan Babler lands 3 hogs on his first day ever laker fishin!!!(Look at the steel leader that was left in her mouth. yet still fed on my trolling rig) 

Diane Deedy test her muscles on this perfectly conditioned lunker!

Ryan & 4 nice ones on the old boat!

These guys will be back, busy day, here’s a few they got

Doubled Up!

Another one of those days you should of booked!

Arron Sharamac with his first BM mac!

Mark Gibson with a short fat football

Pat Pomponio is a regular on my boat here are 3 of his many

Yes, I fish for these things everyday with or without You!

Ok now this is the dream day you want! Then I went out that eve and caught this monster


Jeff Stillman knows the game

A day at this other CO lake that holds big fish.


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